The Spirit of the Forest

(2020-work in progress)

The Spirit of the Forest:

The Spirit of the Forest is about our relationship with nature and the mythologies of the forest. At nightfall, recognizable objects such as branches and trees transform into spiritual beings lurking in the dark. Thus, the project is about imagination and the human need to understand nature and the sometimes inexplicable.

The project examines how our relationship with nature affects our self-understanding, as either an integral part of nature or as something or someone who stands on the outside.

Through analogue and alternative photographic processes, the project gives us access to a foreign but recognizable world. Multiple exposures blur the distinction between the visual and spiritual worlds and articulate narratives of creatures and non-humans of the forest .

The Spirit of the Forest was supposed to be shown at the prestigious Arles Photo Festival in 2020, but the exhibition was postponed several times due to Covid-19, and finally cancelled in 2022.

”We cannot solve the problems facing us by using the same kind of thinking that created them.” 

Albert Einstein

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